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Franchise Leads & Opportunities - Franchise Provider

Franchise Opportunities and Free Franchise Leads

Start a Franchise today. Research hundreds of business opportunities and franchises for sale to find your perfect fit!


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Franchise Leads

franchise leads

Advertising your business on Franchise Provider can help drive it to new heights you wouldn’t have thought possible. Interested investors, who will serve to help your business grow, will easily be able to get in touch with you through our website. You could also be contacted by potential business owners from towns you may not have thought about setting up a location in.

This creates an opportunity that you might not have considered before.Launching new locations through leads from this site can help your franchise grow and earn more profits. This can lead to lower overall costs when building new locations down the road, letting you develop your business even further. With more locations in diverse areas, your franchise can meet the needs of your entire customer base. Each location will be thoroughly set up and trained to your company’s standards to ensure that it’s an accurate reflection of your franchise.

Signing up for a free or premium listing on our website allows interested investors to find you and request more information about your company. Through our advanced site tools, you can check on your leads in real time after you’ve joined and enjoy several other benefits too.

Franchise Opportunities

franchise opportunities

Are you looking to start up your very own business? Become part of a franchise today! Franchise Provider has listings for franchises from all different industries, with varying capitals, to start up a new location. Each company provides a unique experience along with a list of what you can expect, such as training, from your investment. If you’re ready to move on from conventional jobs with standard office hours, you’ve chosen the right website to get started in beginning your own franchise location.

With the guidance and support from a reputable brand, you’ll be able to establish and manage your own business. Choosing to become a part of a franchise for your business venture provides you with the products, branding, service, and more. You’ll get to work as a capable business owner, hiring your own staff, making personal connections with your customers, and bringing success to the company.

Franchise Provider makes it simple to search for exactly what you’re looking for. Our categories are broken up into industry, investment, and state, allowing you to quickly find a business that will suit you best. You can also request information from each franchise you’re interested in and keep track of listings through using the tools available on our website.

Top Franchises of 2014

Franchise Opportunity

    We have put together a list for you of the top 100 franchises!


    Before investing your money into a company or franchise, do your research! Franchise Provider has put together a foolproof method of conducting research on a potential business opportunity. Read More »
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    Franchise Directory

    Franchise Provider is the largest directory of franchise opportunities on the internet. Looking for a specific franchise or business? Start here!


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    Franchise Opportunity Information

    The word of franchising is always evolving and it may sometimes be hard to keep up. Read about the latest Franchise News brought to you by Franchise.com.
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